Crime Bulletin: 07-102

Crime Bulletin: 07-102

Potrero Hill Strong Armed Robber
07-102 10/15/07


SUSPECT: BM, 20-25 years old, over 6' tall, 180 lbs, thin build, clean cut. Last seen wearing r ed, white and blue stripped polo type shirt.

VEHICLE: The suspect may have used a weather beaten, maroon red, four-door Toyota or Honda type vehicle.

NARRATIVE: On 9/21/07 two strong armed purse snatches occurred one hour apart on the 1000 block of Kansas and the 1200 block of Rhode Island Street. The suspect attacked two women as they were approaching their homes. In both incidents, the victims were pushed as they fought for their purses. In the incident on Rhode Island Street, the suspect followed the victim into her home and attacked her in the entrance hallway.

Inspector Danker
SFPD Robbery Detail: 415-553-1201
SFPD Operations Center: (after hours) 415-553-1071
SFPD Anonymous Tip Line: 415-575-4444
SFPD CASE # 070 968 541