Crime Bulletin: 06-136

Crime Bulletin: 06-136
Imposter Utility Employee Burglary Series
06-136 12/18/06

Suspect 1Suspect 2Suspect 3
Suspect #1 Suspect #2 Suspect #3
Suspect JacketSuspect Vehicle

Suspect #1: Hispanic Male or Latin appearing, 40's 5'08-5'10", 180 lbs, stocky , receding dark brn hair. Last seen wearing orange vest with yellow stripes

Suspect #2: Hispanics Male or Latin appearing, 35-40's 5'11", 160-170 lbs., Last seen wearing dark baseball cap, dressed in dark clothes.

Suspect #3: as shown

Burglary detail in investigating a series of Utility Employee Imposter" thefts that may be related. The suspects knock on a victim's door and identify themselves as Utility or Water employees. Suspects direct the victims to run water, or bang on pipes telling the victims that they are testing the water. While the resident is preoccupied, one suspect will search for money and jewelry. On one occasion a victim saw the susepcts leave in an older yellow color van. The impersonators have worn reflectorized vests with an identification card on the front left side of the jacket.

Inspector Julian Hill

SFPD Burglary Detail: 415-553-1351
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SFPD Anonymous Tip Line: 415-575-4444
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