Crime Bulletin: 06-084

Crime Bulletin: 06-084

Sexual Assault Suspects
06-084 08/09/06

Suspect 1Suspect 2
Suspect 1 Suspect 2
Suspect 3
Suspect 3

Suspect 1: Black male, 20-25 years, 5'11", medium five O'clock shadow, thin mustache, black skull cap, or doo-rag

Suspect 2: Black male, 20-23 years, 6'00", thin tatto on neck, wearing a black baseball cap with red stripes and a yellow circle in the middle of the brim, and a black doo-rag underneath the cap.

Suspect 3: Black male, 30-35 years, 5'08", 200 lbs, dark complexion, chubby build, slight goatee, wearing a dark baseball cap.

On 06/01/86, at 1900 hours, the victim was walking in the area of 16th and Mission Streets, when a white car approached him. He said the suspects asked him for direction and when he went to the car, suspect #1 pointed a gun at him and forced him into the car. They took him to an unknown location and sexually assaulted him.

Vehicle: White 4 door sedan, no further information.

Inspector Laws
San Francisco Police Department Sex Crimes Detail:

SFPD Sex Crimes Detail: 415-553-1361
SFPD Operations Center: (after hours) 415-553-1071
SFPD Anonymous Tip Line: 415-575-4444
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