Crime Bulletin: 06-077

Crime Bulletin: 06-077

Aggravated Assault-Road Rage
06-077 07/12/06


Suspect: White male, 35-40 years, 150 lbs. last seen wearing black shirt

On 05/31/06, at 1600 hours, victim was driving in his vehicle stopped in traffic on Fell Street at Broderick. Suspect was driving erratically and swerved into victim's lane nearly hitting his car. Victim honked his horn to let suspect know that he was there. Suspect became enraged, rolled down his window and brandished a knife at the victim. Victim told suspect that he had a one-year-old son in the backseat and didn't want trouble. Victim then drove away from the suspect. Suspect chased vicitm for serveral blocks. When victim became stuck in traffic, the suspect exited his vehicle, walked over to the victim's vehicle and threw a folding baton through the right rear passenger window. The window shattered onto the infant causing cuts to his face and legs. Suspect then drove off. Suspect vehicle has been located in Antioch.

Inspector Pat Correa
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