Crime Bulletin: 05-133

Crime Bulletin: 05-133

Grand Theft / South African Switch Scam

Suspects 1 and 2

Suspect 1

Suspect 2

Suspect #1: BMA, 35 years, 5'10", medium build, light complexion.
LSW: Gray button shirt, gray pants and gray hat w/brim.

Suspect #2: BMA, 35 years, 5'07", medium build, black hair.
LSW: Black suit, white shirt, black tie, and black shoes.
Driver of vehicle

Vehicle: Gary, 4 door, late model, American sedan.

On 07/22/05, at approximately 1300 hours, above pictured suspects used a classic South African Handkerchief Switch scam to swindle an elderly female victim out of $5,000.00. Suspect #1 showeed victim two letters. The first letter was from an attorney, informing him of a $348,000.00 settlement with United airlines for his brother's death on 09/11/2001, druing the attack on the New York Twin Towers. The second letter was from the South African Council of churches, dircting him to give the settlement away to chariiteis fefore returning to South Africa. The elderly vicitm was driven to her bank, wher she withdrew $5,000.00 to show good faith in helping give his money to charity. Stop and ID suspects.

Location of operation was in the Sunset District in the area of 19th Ave and Ulloa Street.

Inspector David Letsch
SFPD Fraud Detail 415-553-9078
Operations Center: 415-553-1071 (after hours)
Case Numbers: 050 834 138