Crime Bulletin: 04-020

Crime Bulletin: 04-020
Kidnapping/Rape Suspect
04-020 02/04/04

SuspectSuspect Unknown

race Black
sex male
eyes brown
hair bald
weight unk
height 6'
age 30
build medium

On 01/25/04, a 21-yr-old (v) female was in route w/friends from Milpitas to San Francisco to celebrate a birthday. the group (15 friends) had rented a "party bus" to transport them. Several people had to go to the bathroom, so the bus pulled off the freeway at the Candlestick exit. Several members of the party including (v) got off the bus and went to the bathroom in the bushes. (v) was exiting the bushes when the bus accidentally left her behind. (v) ran after the bus but was unable to catch it. She wandered down Bayshore Blvd. trying to get help and flag down motorist. A white vehicle started to follow her. She tried to get away from the vehicle. The vehicle stopped and the above-described male approached her, assaulted her and made threats. The male simulated a weapon, took (v) to a secluded spot off Keys St. and sexually assaulted her in the vehicle. After the attack (v) was able to get away from the suspect and contacted the police.

Vehicle: small white vehicle with blue cloth interior

Inspector Ron Reynolds: Sexual Assault Detail
SFPD Sexual Assault Detail: 415-553-4906
SFPD Operations Center: 415-553-1071

SFPD CASE # 040-096-928