Crime Bulletin: 03-163

Crime Bulletin: 03-163

Wanted for Questioning

03-163 12/18/03

Suspects 1 and 2

Suspect 1
Black male
Approximately 6'2"

Slender Build
Short wavy hair
hooded Sweatshirt
armed with a black semi auto

Suspect Vehicle
Buick 96-98
Possible Park Avenue
4 Door

Suspect 2
approx. 5'9"
Filipino and black
light skined
Chuncky build
Gold Teeth on bottom
Diamond Earrings
Red silky jersey

On Sunday, 11/23/03, at approx. 0302 hrs, suspect approaches victim, who is double parked and seated in a late model Mercedes Benz. Suspect orders victim to exit his vehicle. Victim attempts to drive away and suspect immediately shoots into the victim's vehicle. Suspect and his companion enter suspect vehicle, and flee the scene, N/B 3rd St. from Stillman St., to E/B Harrison St. Homicde Inspectors are seeking the identity fo the listed suspect and his associate. The suspect and his associate may reside or frequent, the Vallejo or Oakland areas.

Contact: Inspector Herman Jones or Inspector Edward Wynkoop, Homicide Detail or through Operations Center 415-553-1071

Case number: 031-372-826