Crime Bulletin: 03-017

Crime Bulletin: 03-017

Wanted for Homicide

03-017 01/16/03

Suspect #1




Suspect #2
Suspect #1 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Suspect #2
Suspect #1: Black male, 25-29 yrs., approx. 5'8", 180 lbs., wearing a dark beanie, sunglasses, dark clothing, and brandished a silver-colored revolver.

Suspect #2: Black male, 25-29 yrs., approx. 6'0", wearing sunglasses, dark clothing, also brandished a silver-colored semi-automatic handgun.

Narrative: On 06/13/02, at 0115 hrs., the above-listed suspects robbed the Carl's Junior restaurant at 908 Market St. S#2 was observed brandishing a silver-colored semi-automatic handgun standing over the security guard who was lying prone on the floor and bleeding severely from the nose. Witnesses believe the security guard was struck in the face with the butt of the firearm. S#2 stated, "Nobody move, this is a robbery." S#1 opened the register and took out an unknown amount of US currency. S#1 then hopped over the counter and fled with S#2 on Eddy to Southbound Mason St., entered an unknown vehicle and fled area in an unknown direction. The security guard subsequently died on 12/16/02 as a result of the injuries received during the armed robbery.

Contact: Inspector Thomas Cleary #721 or Inspector James T. Spillane #484,
Homicide Detail, (415) 553-1145, or Operations Center after-hours at 553-1071.

Case#: 020 707 571