Crime Bulletin: 01-154

Crime Bulletin: 01-154

Homicide: Detain and Identify

01-154 10/29/01

Suspects to be Identified

Suspect CompanionSuspect
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Suspect xxx Suspect Companion
Suspect: African-American male, aprox. 5'10", 28-32 years old, medium complexion with trim moustache, medium build, last observed wearing dark clothing with dark "watch cap" - carrying a paper bag like the type provided by department stores for clothes.
Suspect Companion: African-American female, aprox. 5'8", 28-30 years old, skinny build, no makeup or other female articles observed, bad complexion, last seen wearing a black watch cap and black jacket. This female has been seen in the past by one of the witnesses to the homicide, in the area of Jack in the Box at 11th and Geary.

Narrative: On 10/23/01, at 0200 hours, suspect and victim entered into an argument at 20th and Geary Streets. They fought, with the suspect pulling a knife and stabbing the victim in the throat once. The suspect then walked away, heading east on Geary Street with a woman companion.

Contact: Inspector Herman Jones #2234 or Michael Johnson #1387 Homicide Detail through
Operations Center (415) 553-1071

Case#: 011 270 303