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Daniel J. Mahoney
The men and women of the Ingleside Police District are among the most professional and dedicated that the Department has to offer.  They provide service to a community that rests on a large geographical footprint that covers over 6.3 square miles and is home to more than 123,000 residents.  The district is broken up into six (6) distinct patrol sectors—each with its own policing challenges.  The District is home to five County supervisorial districts—D-7 (Sup. Elsbernd), D-8 (Sup. Wiener), D-9 (Sup. Campos), D-10 (Sup. Cohen) and D-11 (Sup. Avalos).
The diversity of the Ingleside is apparent not only in its community make-up, but also in its landscape.  There are affluent areas and impoverished areas.  There are business districts, educational institutions, single-family residential communities, and public housing communities.  There are areas where the English language is primarily spoken and some where English is the second language to the residents.
Ingleside Station has a wide range of patrol and investigative assignments with the sole task of reducing crime and providing safety and security to its community residents and visitors.  There are vehicular patrol officers, motorcycle officers, foot beat officers, bicycle officers, plainclothes officers, problem-solving officers, investigative officers, and housing officers.
Ingleside Station is a Community Policing station.  There are many community groups that meet regularly with the top command of Ingleside Station.  We host our own website—  Most importantly, we depend on and work with the community to solve crimes.

Captain J. Mahoney
Commanding Officer
Ingleside Station



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