Captain's Message

Captain John Joseph Garrity – Tenderloin Police Station

The “Uptown –Tenderloin” area of San Francisco, California has a long and colorful past. Throughout its long history, the Tenderloin District has hosted people seeking a place to live, to work or to play. As a location, it has also hosted a menacing and rough reputation over the years. Although the evidence remains debatable, the truth is the area is home to both “saints and sinners”. Each person has their own unique story, which may not be remotely related to the Tenderloin reputation. The Tenderloin District is one of the most dense urban areas in San Francisco. The Tenderloin district is close to public transportation, shopping, theatres and the Mid-Market Street corridor. The Tenderloin has a wide range of service providers assisting the various cultures, children and organizations in the area. The San Francisco Police Department is a community policing organization and at the Tenderloin Police Station we are constantly seeking ways to partner with service providers, advisory boards, businesses and organizations to solve many of the complex street crime problems and order maintenance issues in the area.

The men and women of the Tenderloin Police Station are some of the hardest working police officers in the San Francisco Police Department. Every day our men and women manage and handle the most difficult crime issues, not only for this district, but for the city as a whole. Our mission at the Tenderloin Station is prevention, intervention and enforcement. With the development of these types of strategies the officers of Tenderloin Police Station have been able to mesh the various disciplines of COMPSTAT, community policing, problem solving and good old fashion police work. This is one type of deployment model that clearly defines our goals, objectives, crime plan, performance measures and creates a flatter structure with an overall responsibility and a performance pushed down to the lowest functional beat and assignment. This will help elevate the security base line on the streets and help the officers to develop other resources in the neighborhood. With sector and beat integrity being the key to proactive police work and problem solving. a high level of uniform visibility is being maintained with high frequency. This concept, with sustainable plain clothes operations, will continue to help us abate crime on the street. These crime fighting and problem solving strategies will ensure that the officer begins to take ownership of the crime problems in their sector or on their foot beat to provide a safe environment for citizens and visitors to the neighborhood.

Respectfully yours,

Captain Joe Garrity
Tenderloin Police Station
[email protected]
Phone: 415-345-7402