Avoid The 8 DUI Crackdown Continues Until January 2


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December 23, 2010  



Avoid The 8 DUI Crackdown Continues Until January 2 








People who drink at holiday parties and get behind the wheel could easily receive an ugly gift this weekend:

an expensive DUI arrest that might disqualify them for future jobs if they are convicted.


"Your conviction will show up on your record for 10 years. If you apply for a job at a company that conducts

criminal background checks, you run the risk of the company holding your DUI against you and hiring someone

with a clean record," said Capt. Al Casciato of the San Francisco Police Traffic Company, Avoid the 8



San Francisco Police will run a five-officer motorcycle DUI patrol on Sunday, Dec. 26.


The California Highway Patrol's San Francisco squad is assigning all available offiers to road duty starting today and ending at midnight on Christmas Day.


Avoid the 8 refers to the number of law enforcement agencies in the city that have traffic responsibilities and is funded by the California Office of Traffic Safety through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


For further information, contact:

Jan Ford, Public Information

Avoid the 8-Law Enforcement in San Francisco

(650) 322-9121











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