#SFPD Suspends Participation with the Joint Terrorism Task Force

The JTTF Memoranda of Understanding (“JTTF MOU”) was signed in 2007 and is now approaching its 10th year in existence. Under Charter Section 9.118, all contracts in excess of ten years require Board of Supervisors’ approval. In addition, Administrative Code section 2A.74 requires any new JTTF MOU to come before the Police Commission for approval at a public meeting.

The Department plans on updating General Order, 8.10, Guideline for First Amendment Activities, in the near future and will seek clarification from the Police Commission as to the application of General Order 8.10 to JTTF investigations. The Department is committed to community policing and will work collaboratively with the stakeholders when work on the General Order begins.

Once the new General Order is adopted, the Department may consider renegotiating the JTTF MOU with the FBI, only after seeking guidance from the Police Commission.

As of today, The San Francisco Police Department has suspended participation with the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF).

The SFPD is committed to public safety and will continue to work diligently to keep San Francisco safe for everyone.