Notes Used During Presentation at the March 12, 2018 Town Hall to Address the March 6, 2018 Officer Involved Shooting 18-035(b)

OIS Map - Capp St / 21st St  OIS Gun - Capp St / 21st Street



March 6, 2018 at approximately 11:00 pm

  • Two uniformed officers in a marked SFPD vehicle were flagged down by two victims in the area of 21st and Capp Street regarding a man with a gun. The victims pointed to the suspect who was seen running to, and jumping into the trunk, of a vehicle parked mid-block on Capp Street between 21st and 22nd Streets.
  • The officer’s pulled behind the vehicle, a black Honda, activated their emergency lights, and conducted a traffic stop.
  • Additional units responded and assisted in the traffic stop
  • During the traffic stop the officers ordered the driver, later determined to be Victor Navarro Flores out of the vehicle. Victor Flores complied with the orders and was detained
  • A second occupant, later determined to be Jesus Delgado could be seen in the open trunk of the vehicle and was ordered to show his hands.  Mr. Delgado remained in the trunk and refused to comply
  • The officers continued to order Mr. Delgado to show is hands while he was in the trunk of the vehicle, utilizing both English and Spanish languages. Mr. Delgado still did not comply with the orders
  • One officer deployed a less lethal round, commonly referred to as a beanbag, at Mr. Delgado in an effort to gain compliance
  • Officers continued to order Mr. Delgado to show his hands
  • After a short time later, Mr. Delgado, pointed a firearm in the direction of the officers, and fired from inside the trunk of the vehicle
  • Officers on the scene fired their weapons at Mr. Delgado.
  • A third occupant, later determined to be Christina Juarez Alfaro was ordered out of the vehicle and detained.
  • The officers removed Mr. Delgado from the trunk of the vehicle, determined he was struck by gunfire, and began to administer CPR while an ambulance responded.
  • The ambulance arrived. Unfortunately, Mr. Delgado did not survive his injuries.

Additional Information:

  • Preliminary evidence indicates that Mr. Delgado fired one round from his firearm
  • A 9mm pistol was located inside the trunk area of the black Honda and is pictured here today.
  • Preliminary evidence indicates that ten officers fired approximately 99 rounds from their firearms
  • One officer fired the one less-lethal round from his department extended range impact weapon.
  • The preliminary report from the Medical Examiner’s office indicates that Mr. Delgado was struck approximately 25 times


  • There are witnesses and reporting parties that heard gunfire or witnessed portions of the shooting. Those witnesses have been interviewed. We are asking that anyone in the public that has additional video evidence or witnessed the shooting contact us so that they can be interviewed.

Involved Members

  • The officers who fired their weapons have all been interviewed and provided details of the incident


  • All of the officers that discharged their firearms activated their Body Worn Cameras.
  • We have obtained and viewed both cell phone and video evidence of the shooting from witnesses and residents in the area


  • Independent Investigations Bureau of the District Attorney’s Office, Department of Police Accountability were notified, responded to the scene, and are conducting independent investigations
  • Department’s homicide unit is conducting the criminal investigation and the Department’s Internal Affair’s unit is conducting the administrative investigation

Officer’s Names:

  • Provided there are no safety concerns the names of the involved officers will be released within 10 days per department policy

Videos Shown:

  • Five videos will be shown,
  • Capp Street video
  • Three BWC videos
  • One KPIX news clip.
  • Additional BWC videos and other images will be posted on-line

Body Worn Camera Footage

Surveillance Camera Footage

Cell Phone Video