Mission Station

 Captain Gaetano Caltagirone

Gaetano Caltagirone

Often referred to as “the heart of the city,” the Mission District covers the area east of Twin Peaks to the James Lick Freeway, and south of Market Street to Cesar Chavez Street. Because of its geographical configuration that insulates it from the city’s fog and wind that affects so many other areas of town, the district’s sunny climate makes it a pleasant place in which to live. In recent years, the Mission has become a destination spot for specialty restaurants and shops, as well as having a burgeoning club scene.

Originally built in 1902 at 17th and Treat Streets, the station relocated to 1240 Valencia Street in 1950. A new Mission Station, with triple the square footage of the old station, a community room and special secure holding areas, opened in 1994.

mission station

Mission Police Station

District Map 630 Valencia St.
San Francisco, CA 94110

(415) 558-5400
Email:[email protected] Emergency, dial: 911
Non-emergency, dial: (415) 553-0123
TIP LINE: (415) 552-4558
Station Directory Community Meetings Community Updates

TTY (Line for hearing impaired): 
(415) 431-6241
Permit Officer: (415) 558-5413
Fax: (415) 558-5447

When: Every other month (Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, & Nov)
Place: Mission Station

Community Updates are an information newsletter to inform the Mission residents of incidents occurring in the district.

For all updated incidents and Newsletter's, please go to Mission Station's website