12/28/07 07-139

12/28/07 07-139


December 28, 2007


San Francisco Police Update On Investigation In December 25 Tiger Attack At Zoo

The San Francisco Police Department has completed its documentation and investigation on the San Francisco Zoo grounds following the tiger attack on three men December 25.

It was necessary initially to hold the grounds in order to:

  • Search for possible additional victims.
  • Photograph the scene in daylight.
  • Diagram the scenes where the elements of the incident occurred.

The primary focus of the investigation was to determine if the escape of the Siberian tiger was linked to an intentional release of the animal, or linked to other criminal conduct. The San Francisco Police Department investigation found absolutely no evidence of an intentional release.

At the present time, there are still some follow-up interviews to be conducted by our inspectors, and the criminal investigation is drawing to a close.

We encourage anyone who may have been at the zoo on Christmas Day and has information to contact us at 553-1141 during business hours, or to call the Confidential Tip Line at


For more information, please contact:

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