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December 24, 2009

Subject: Retail Video Tips For Crime Prevention



If your store video surveillance system is outdated, not working, or in need of replacement, the San Francisco Police Department encourages you to upgrade your current video surveillance system to bolster your theft protection plan. A smartly installed and upgraded video surveillance system makes it easy to protect your customers, merchandise and profits from theft and vandalism. In addition, video surveillance footage can be a useful police evidentiary tool in the investigation of retail-related crime.


Advantages of store surveillance:


· Prevents theft. Prominently placed security cameras can help deter potential thieves and identify those who do steal.

· Improves image. The presence of a security system shows your customers that you care about their security and can improve their shopping experience.

· Remote monitoring. The addition of a network video recorder (NVR) to a surveillance system allows you to broadcast your footage over the Internet. This allows you to monitor any of your cameras at any time, perfect for large “big box” stores, stores with multiple locations, or franchises.

· Easy to install. Security systems with Internet Protocol (IP) cameras takes minutes to install; just mount the cameras.


Setup advice for retail stores:


· Place cameras near entrances and exits in order to get a clear shot of each person who enters or leaves your store.

· Placing surveillance cameras in stock rooms and storage areas can help you prevent employee theft and track your merchandise.

· A fixed camera may benefit a small area where valuable merchandise (e.g., jewelry, electronics) is stored.

· If your retail store has multiple locations, consider using an NVR to manage your security footage. NVRs record video like other digital video recorders (DVRs), and they also enable you to broadcast your security footage over the Internet and check footage from any of your locations at any time.

· To maximize coverage of your sales floor, consider using different combinations of cameras to get the best view. Dome cameras mounted on the ceiling can give complete coverage of aisles, and a camera mounted above a cash register can give a better view of a shelf of electronics.

· Outdoor cameras in your parking lot can help reduce theft of customer cars, shopping carts, and help to reduce store liability for accidents.


source: www.videosurveillance.com




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