12/22/03 03-133

12/22/03 03-133


December 22, 2003   

Subject:           Press Conference December 23 on 35-Year-Old Homicide Case Solved Through DNA Testing

Police Chief Alex Fagan, representatives from the Homicide Section and the Forensics Division, as well as representatives from the District Attorney’s Office, will join in a press conference on Tuesday, December 23, in the Police Commission Hearing Room, Room 551 on the fifth floor, at 10:00 A.M. to announce the solving of a 35-year-old homicide case through advanced DNA testing.


On March 29, 1968, 14-year-old Linda Harmon was horrifically raped and murdered while she babysat the two children of a neighbor.  The suspect in the case was an acquaintance of the mother, but police at that time could not prove that he committed the murder.  Through advanced DNA testing, San Francisco police have finally confirmed that the acquaintance, William Spear, now 61, was the murderer.  Spear is currently in custody in Arizona.  The DNA evidence, a seminal fluid sample, had been maintained in the Medical Examiner’s Office since the time of the murder.


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