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December 15, 2009

Subject: San Francisco Police Department Implements Third Crime Information Online Site

The San Francisco Police Department, in conjunction with the Omega Group, is excited to present to the community an interactive Web site called CrimeMapping.com. This site enables citizens to query and to map calls for police services to incidents near an address. CrimeMapping.com also includes a Crime Alerts service that allows users to receive reports regarding incidents of crime near the subscriber’s home or business via e-mail.

Citizens can access this new site by going to:


CrimeMapping.com is the third of three online sites that are available to the public. Members of the public are invited also to visit CrimeReports.com and EveryBlock.com. All three sites allow the public to access San Francisco Police Department Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) crime information for a particular address based on a radius the user selects. Each site has its own manner of presentation, but supplies essentially the same information.

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