12/09/08 08-122

12/09/08 08-122

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December 09, 2008


San Francisco Police Department Holiday Safety Tips

In a follow-up to safe shopping tips (please refer to Press Release 08-116), the San Francisco Police Department is offering some general safety tips on helping to prevent crimes that occur more frequently during the holiday season.

Pickpockets and strong-arm robberies

  • Carry a limited amount of cash and credit cards.
  • Keep valuables like keys, money and cell phone, in separate pockets.
  • Stay in well-lit and well-traveled areas.
  • Be especially cautious while using electronic devices in public.
  • Be on the alert for suspicious-acting persons, especially in parking garages, on public transportation, or in crowded places.

Auto break-ins

  • Keep your car always locked and never leave your car with the engine running.
  • Do not leave any item visible in your car, including all electronic devices and their holders.
  • Place shopping bags in your trunk only when you are ready to leave your parking space. Also, do not park first before putting items in the trunk: have items already placed in the trunk prior to parking, or if you have already parked and have just placed items in the trunk, drive to another location some distance away.
  • Do not leave your original ownership title in your car. Keep a photocopy and the original at home.
  • Remove all keys, including valet and spare keys, from your car.
  • Use a steering wheel lock device.


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Home burglaries

  • Keep all windows and doors locked when you are away from home.
  • If away on vacation, stop mail and newspaper deliveries and use a light on a timer. Activate the residential alarm if you have one. Have a trusted neighbor watch your house.
  • Keep a record of serial numbers of computers, cameras, video equipment and other electronic devices and keep the record in a safe place.

Merchant safety

  • Train your employees to observe and report suspicious activities.
  • Consider having more than one employee open and close your business.
  • Ensure that alarms and video surveillance equipment are working properly.
  • Learn to identify the indicators of fraud on checks, cash and credit cards.
  • To help prevent snatch and grab opportunities, do not keep expensive items next to the entrance or exit doors.

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