12/07/07 07-132

12/07/07 07-132


December 07, 2007


San Francisco Police Investigators Determine That Reported Sexual Assault / Robbery Did Not Occur

Through the investigative efforts of the San Francisco Police Department, it has been determined that the robbery and sexual assault of a female victim that was reported last month on November 10 at Lippard and Bosworth Streets, and the reported subsequent sexual assault a few days later in the victim's garage on November 15, did not occur.

It had been reported to police that the victim was accosted by a male and female near the Glen Park BART station, the female suspect robbing the reported victim of her purse and the male suspect sexually assaulting her on the street. The same male suspect, according to the report, sexually assaulted the victim the following week after she drove into her garage. Based upon information from the victim, police prepared and released composite sketches to alert the public of this alleged crime. The sketches have been removed from the SFPD's Web site.

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