12/07/06 06-115

12/07/06 06-115

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December 07, 2006


Cold Case - DNA Match After Thirty One Years

On March 21, 1975, the body of Leah Griffin was found in a hotel room near Union Square. She had been strangled to death. Decades passed with no solid leads, until a relative of Adolph Laudenberg came forward and disclosed to Los Angeles Police detectives that her relative had revealed that he had killed three women in the Los Angeles area and one woman in San Francisco.

The Los Angeles detectives contacted the San Francisco Police Department Homicide Detail and shared the modus operandi of their case. The SFPD homicide inspectors conducted an exhaustive search without any name or location, in an attempt to locate a homicide similar in detail.

Homicide inspectors were successful in locating a cold case that they believed was similar to the murders that Laudenberg committed in the Los Angeles area. The inspectors sent the evidence seized at the scene where Leah Griffins body was found, to the SFPD Crime Laboratory Cold Hit Team for analysis. The SFPD Crime Lab matched Laudenbergs DNA to the evidence that was sent to them.

During the past months, Laudenberg, who is now eighty years old, has been on trial for the Los Angeles area killings. On November 21, 2006 he was convicted of first-degree murder in Los Angeles for the killing of Lois Petrie. He faces life in prison.

Inspector Dennis Maffei and Inspector Dan Everson developed corroborating evidence linking Laudenberg to the murder of Leah Griffin. Judge Susan Breal signed the arrest warrant charging Laudenberg with Leah Griffins murder.

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