11/30/06 06-106

11/30/06 06-106

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November 30, 2006


Police Announce Findings In Investigation Of Video Incident

Last December, it came to the Department's attention that a group of officers at a district station were involved in the making of inappropriate and distasteful videos. A lengthy administrative investigation ensued. Throughout this time, the Department has become committed to doing a thorough, fair, and complete investigation of the matter.

During the course of the investigation, thousands of documents were reviewed and numerous interviews conducted. After a yearlong investigation, the department is releasing its findings.

The charges at the Commission and Chief's level include violations of Department General Orders. These General Order violations include General Rules of Conduct, Duties of a Patrol Officer, Duties of a Sergeant, Duties of Station Personnel, Use of Computer and Peripheral Equipment, and Discrimination and Harassment.

As a result of these findings:

  • 28 of these charges will be handled at the Chief's level.
  • 7 of the officers' cases will have charges filed at the Police Commission.

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