11/18/08 08-113

11/18/08 08-113

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November 18, 2008


San Francisco Police Arrest Three Suspects In Utility Company Imposter Scam

San Francisco Police arrested three suspects in an ongoing fraud scam in which the suspects posed as Water Department personnel in order to gain access to residences. Once inside, one suspect would distract the resident while another searched for valuables. Arrested on November 14 were Ricky Guy, 37, Frank John, 35, and Michael Ulrich, 35. All three are from Los Angeles.

The suspects were located and arrested after a woman living on 17th Avenue answered her doorbell and saw the three suspects, representing themselves as Water Department personnel, asking for admittance. The woman had just seen a broadcast on Chinese television warning citizens about this scam. She shut the door and called police, giving police a description of the suspects and the vehicle that was parked outside. Police conducted a search of the area and located the vehicle with the suspects inside at Geary Blvd. and 23rd Ave. They were taken into custody without incident.

The suspects are believed to be responsible for approximately 15 such imposter scams over the past two months. The suspects primarily targeted Chinese households.

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