11/17/03 03-106

11/17/03 03-106




November 17, 2003   

Subject:     Identity Theft Arrest

San Francisco police arrested a man who attempted to open a Wells Fargo bank account using fraudulent credit, ID and Social Security cards.  Alexander Parrocha, 30, of Rodeo, was taken into custody November 8 on multiple fraud violations.  The sophistication evident in the production of the fraudulent documents points up the growing problem of identity fraud.

The San Francisco Police Fraud Section is alerting the public, particularly merchants, about identity fraud that takes the form of fraudulent driver licenses and credit cards, as well as other forms of identification.

Criminals illegally obtain the personal information of strangers and use this information to print driver licenses, credit cards, and as number of other forms of identification, as well as the printing of personal checks.  The fraudulent licenses and cards are masterful recreations, so merchants should be careful to note certain genuine card characteristics:

  • The first four digits of the embossed account number are printed in smaller font below these numbers.
  • The issuing card company’s hologram should appear three-dimensional and move when the card is tilted.
  • The signature on the sales draft should reasonably compare with that on the card.

Note that the logo (eg VISA) printed on fraudulent credit cards is slightly out of focus. On fraudulent driver’s licenses, there is a higher gloss than on genuine licenses, and the printing and the state seal are not sharp.

For more information, please contact:

Lieutenant Kenwade Lee, Inspector Earl Wismer
Fraud Section