11/13/07 07-122

11/13/07 07-122


November 13, 2007


San Francisco Police Arrest Suspect In Financial District Bank Robbery

San Francisco Police arrested a bank robber who, after the robbery, attempted to carjack two vehicles to make his escape before ordering a cab driver to drive him to the Tenderloin where police arrested him. Taken into custody was David Bryant, 51, of Sacramento.

At 9:05 this morning, Tuesday, November 13, the suspect entered the Wachovia Bank at 200 Pine Street. Bryant leapt over the counter, took money from the cash drawer and ran from the bank, dropping cash on the street as he ran. On California Street, Bryant brandished a knife at a woman driving a Volvo, demanding her car. She drove off. Construction workers, seeing the suspect threaten the woman driver, began chasing the suspect on foot.

Continuing on California Street, the suspect, still chased by the construction workers, entered an occupied van, and brandishing the knife, ordered the driver to drive him away. The driver refused. The suspect fled the van and, at Bush and Sansome streets, stopped a cab and ordered a male passenger in the cab out. When the passenger got out of the cab, Bryant got in, at this point eluding the workers who had continued the chase, and ordered the cab driver at knifepoint to drive him to the Tenderloin. Police arrested him on the unit block of Leavenworth Street at about 9:15.

Bryant has been charged with five counts of robbery, two counts of attempted carjacking, one count of carjacking, and one count of kidnapping. He remains in custody.

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