11/12/10 San Francisco Police Arrest Suspect in Cable Car Stabbing


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November 15, 2010  




San Francisco Police Arrest Suspect in Cable Car Stabbing 





On November 14, 2010 San Francisco Police made an arrest of 32 years old, George Luong of San Francisco in connection with the brutal stabbing of a San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) Cable Car Conductor.


At approximately 4:18pm police were called to 1300 block of Mason regarding an assault on a SFMTA Operator. Officers arrived on scene as the victim (an SFMTA employee of 12 years) was being transported to an area hospital. The victim suffered multiple stab wounds causing life threatening injuries.  Several witnesses were on the scene. One witness directed the officers to an address on

Himmelmann Place
, where officers saw fresh blood on the handrail of the building that led them to the suspect’s apartment.  Officers had to force entry into the apartment after they met resistance from family members who refused to let them in.  After making entry, the suspect, George Luong was taken into custody at approximately 4:27 pm.


After a preliminary investigation, George Luong was booked and charged with Attempted Murder on the SFMTA Cable Car Conductor.  Additionally, the following family members of the suspect were cited and released for interfering with the police investigation and assault on a Police Officer. 

            Rocky Luong, 64yrs, Asian Male, San Francisco Resident

Kimberly Luong, 28 yrs, Asian Female, San Francisco Resident

            Vicky Luong 35 yrs, Asian Female, San Francisco Resident


As a result of the assistance of the SFMTA employees and witnesses at the scene, officers were able to quickly locate and arrest the suspect in this case.













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