10/22/09 09-113

10/22/09 09-113

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October 22, 2009

Subject: San Francisco Police Department Reorganization

As he had promised when he became Chief in August, San Francisco Police Chief George Gascón has announced a sweeping reorganization of the department involving command staff, captains, lieutenants, and inspectors. This represents the first major realignment of bureaus, units and other sub-divisions of the S.F.P.D. in decades. A primary component of the reorganization is the collapsing the four current bureaus into three, each of which will be administered by an Assistant Chief. The new bureaus are Operations, Administrative Services, and Chief of Staff. Also created is a COMPSTAT division that will report directly to the Chief of Police.

The new command staff will be staffed as follows:

  • Jim Lynch, Assistant Chief, Chief of Staff
  • Kevin Cashman, Assistant Chief, Operations Bureau
  • Morris Tabak, Assistant Chief, Administrative Services Bureau
  • David Shinn, Deputy Chief, San Francisco Airport
  • John Murphy, Deputy Chief, SFMTA/Traffic
  • James Dudley, Commander, Patrol
  • Kitt Crenshaw, Commander, Patrol
  • John Loftus, Commander, Investigations
  • Sandra Tong, Commander, Homeland Security
  • Kathryn Brown, Commander, San Francisco Airport
  • Jeff Godown, Commander, COMPSTAT

Chief Gascón also announced the promotions of:

  • Michael Biel, Captain
  • Anna Brown, Captain
  • Louis Cassanego, Captain
  • Dominic Celaya, Captain
  • Ann Mannix, Captain
  • Tom Shawyer, Captain

This reorganization also includes the redeployment of approximately one hundred of the department’s investigators to the district police stations. This decentralization of a significant portion of the Department’s investigative function has been a significant priority for Chief Gascón and is expected to increase the Department’s crime fighting and crime solving abilities and overall efficiency and effectiveness.

The reorganization is slated to take effect on Saturday, November 14th. A celebration of these promotions will take place at a date and location to be announced.

Today Chief George Gascón also announced the promotion of 6 new Lieutenants, and 45 new Sergeants. The new sergeants will receive 80 hours of supervisory and investigative training prior to being posted to their new assignments. Chief Gascón will also be rotating existing lieutenants and captains to different assignments throughout the Department.

This reorganization of the Department is taking place contemporaneously with the implementation of a biweekly COMPSTAT meeting, an initiative to create community–police advisory boards at each district station, the establishment of the San Francisco Police Department Foundation, the expansion of the hours, functions, and staff of the SFPD Public Affairs/Media Relations Unit, the re-establishment of the Department’s Community Relations Unit, and the creation of a real-time police operations center preliminarily slated for the Summer of 2010.



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