10/12/06 06-094

10/12/06 06-094

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October 12, 2006


Arrest In Church Vandalism

San Francisco Police have arrested a suspect who allegedly threatened to kill a priest and who allegedly vandalized a church. Taken into custody yesterday, Wednesday, October 11, was Alex Barros, 19, of San Francisco.

Over a period of time, Barros allegedly delivered handwritten threats to kill the priest, including a threat to set the church on fire during a Sunday Mass, through the mailbox of the rectory of St. Kevin's Church on Cortland Avenue. In addition, Barros is believed to have spray-painted the word Satan on the rear of the church and also on surrounding buildings, including an elementary school, a Baptist church, and a recreation center.

Yesterday, investigators from the San Francisco Police Department's Special Investigation Division and the Arson Task Force identified Barros as the suspect, served a search warrant, and took him into custody. Barros was charged with one count of threatening to obstruct the exercise of religion and 15 counts of criminal threats against life, all felony charges.

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