10/08/08 08-099

10/08/08 08-099

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October 8, 2008


San Francisco Police Arrest Three Suspects In Street Robbery

San Francisco Police arrested three juveniles for an armed street robbery that occurred on Saturday, October 4, on the 100 block of Dore Street, at approximately 8:45 P.M. Taken into custody were male juveniles, all 17 years old and all from San Francisco.

In this incident, the victim, a 27-year-old male, had just left his residence on Dore when one of the suspects confronted him, pushing him onto the trunk of a parked car and holding a gun against his side. Two more suspects approached and began going through his pockets, taking his cell phone, wallet, and house keys before all three suspects fled on foot. Soon thereafter, the victim called police, who quickly arrived and drove him around the area. Police located the suspects in the vicinity of 8th and Natoma streets, and the victim positively identified them. The suspects remain in custody on charges of robbery, receiving stolen property, and conspiracy.

The quick response of officers and cooperation of the victim led to the removal of three dangerous individuals from the streets. The public is reminded that this type of robbery is targeted against individuals who are displaying a cell phone, iPod, laptop, or other electronic device. Frequently, criminals target a person actually using the item because the individual is distracted and thus vulnerable.

Police advise that individuals, if they must use an electronic device in public, be especially alert to their surroundings and the possibility of a crime occurring.

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