10/01/08 08-095

10/01/08 08-095

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October 1, 2008


San Francisco Police Arrest Pacific Heights Arsonist

San Francisco Police arrested an arsonist who is the suspect in a series of fires set in the driveways of residences in Pacific Heights. Taken into custody September 26 was Brent Kazley, 58, of San Francisco.

Plagued with a rash of newspaper and other paper material set afire in the area, police initiated a special patrol. Officer Christina Hayes of Northern Station was patrolling the area of Pacific Avenue and Divisadero Street on September 26 at approximately 5:00 A.M., when she noticed a lone male pedestrian carrying what appeared to be a plastic bag containing unknown material. Seconds later, she smelled smoke and located a fire burning against the wall of a house under construction on the 2800 block of Pacific Avenue. After calling the Fire Department, Officer Hayes trailed the man, later identified as Brent Kazley, walking quickly toward Jackson Street. She detained him and found the plastic bag to be full of napkins and also to contain a box of wooden matches. There was also a quantity of newspapers and napkins in the pockets of his pants and jacket.

Kazley was charged with arson and remains in custody.

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