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September 28, 2009

Subject: San Francisco Police Arrest Six Suspects And Seize Five Guns In Three Incidents

San Francisco police arrested six suspects and seized five guns in three incidents in a ten-hour period between Wednesday, September 23, and Thursday, September 24. Two of the incidents occurred in the Bayview District and one in the Northern.

In the first incident in the Bayview District on September 23, shortly after 3:00 P.M., plainclothes officers from Bayview Station heard gunfire in the vicinity of La Salle Avenue and Garlington Street. With numerous Bayview, Tactical and support units saturating the area, police arrested four suspects in a Ford Thunderbird that had been driven from the scene of the shooting at a high rate of speed. Investigation revealed that one of the suspects in the vehicle had fired upon a group of people standing on the sidewalk, none of whom had been struck. Police recovered a discarded handgun on the street at the scene of the shooting. Police also discovered ammunition consistent with the discarded weapon in the suspects’ vehicle.

Taken into custody were Temmy Edia, 22, Jamar Geeter, 22, and Kevin Winans, 21, all of San Francisco. They were charged with a variety of weapons violations, conspiracy, aggravated assault, and violation of probation.

In the second incident, also in the Bayview, plainclothes officers were driving on patrol on the 4400 block of Third Street at Kirkwood Avenue at approximately 10:30 P.M. This is an area known for drug dealing, gang activity, and robberies. When one individual refused to comply with officers’ request to place his hands behind his head, there was a struggle and police discovered a sawed-off rifle tied around his neck. Taken into custody was Lamar Nicholson, 18, of San Francisco. He was charged with possession of a loaded firearm, narcotic violation, and resisting arrest.

In the third incident, which took place in the Northern District, police responded to a break-in of a residence on the 1100 block of McAllister Street at 1:00 A.M. Responding units confronted two suspects. One suspect, Terrel Martin, 22, attempted to hide a 9 mm semi-automatic handgun under a parked car, and the second suspect, Shaleem Tindle, 20, a parolee, dropped a .357 caliber revolver into a dumpster. Police recovered both guns, as well as a carbine rifle discarded on the grass where Martin had been standing, and took the suspects, both of San Francisco, into custody. They were charged with a variety of weapons charges, as well as resisting arrest.

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