September 24, 2003   

Subject:     San Francisco Police Department Juvenile Division Officer Introduces Computer "Missing" Game to Grade Schoolers

Officer Kim Mercer of the SFPD’s Juvenile Division’s Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Unit has been introducing a computer game to San Francisco grade schoolers that helps students understand the dangers of Internet sexual predators.  The three-hour, frequently intense but highly acclaimed game, called “Missing,” involves students deciphering codes and finding clues to find a child victim who, through on-line chat, has been kidnapped and is in danger of sexual abuse.


The game, created by a Canadian company called LiveWire Design, has proved immensely popular with students, educators and parents.  Officer Mercer has been instructing students and educators in the use of the game, and will be giving a presentation tomorrow, Thursday, September 25, at St. Gabriel’s’ School, 2550-41st Avenue, starting at 8:00 A.M.  On October 1, she will be in Washington, D. C., where the Entertainment Software Association Foundation will announce a major grant to supply more of these games throughout the country.


If you would like to see students interacting with this game at St. Gabriel’s, you must first call Officer Mercer at 558-5528.



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