09/18/09 09-097

09/18/09 09-09709/18/09 09-097

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September 18, 2009

Subject: SFPD To Conduct A Retrospective Review Of Officer-Involved Shootings

The San Francisco Police Department has in place various mechanisms to review its officers’ use of force up to and including the use of deadly force. In the event of an officer-involved shooting, the Department policy requires a number of investigations, undertaken by multiple units and agencies, to commence.

In line with this, as is customary following any officer-involved shooting, the San Francisco Police Commission, at its September 16, 2009 meeting, reviewed the preliminary investigation of an officer-involved shooting that occurred on Saturday, September 5, 2009. A decision was made to return the involved officer to regular duties. Chief George Gascón advised the Commission members that he would be initiating a review of all officer-involved shootings for the past several years.

The purpose of this analysis is to look at different variables surrounding these officer-involved shootings, the outcomes of those situations where deadly force has been employed, and bring forward “lessons learned” so that the adequacy of current training, weapons, and tactics can be assessed and any needed changes can be made. Chief Gascón stated that the review should be completed within 90 days, following which there will be a presentation to the Police Commission.

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