09/16/08 08-088

09/16/08 08-088

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September 16 2008


San Francisco Police Department Receives National Recognition For It's Violence Reduction Efforts And Innovative Strategies

The Washington, D. C.-based Bureau of Justice Assistance has nationally recognized the San Francisco Police Department for its violence reduction efforts and for its innovative strategies in combating crime. In October 2007, the Bureau of Justice Assistance awarded a $754,618 grant to help San Francisco police in its crime-fighting efforts. The money has been used by the Gang Task Force, with notable results. The grant will run through March 2009.

Research conducted by Harvard University indicated that nearly half of violent crime in San Francisco was clustered within small defined areas. By focusing on violent offenders in targeted areas in the city, the program has reduced crime significantly. From January through July 2008, homicides were down 23% in the areas and 11% citywide. Drug-related homicides were down 89% in the targeted areas, and non-fatal shootings declined 36% in the targeted areas and 24% citywide.

The grant award has been used to fund intensive narcotics enforcement, warrant service issuance, parole and probationer compliance visits, and other operations.

The San Francisco Police Department is grateful for the continued financial support of the Bureau of Justice Assistance.

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