09/11/07 07-095

09/11/07 07-095


September 11, 2007


San Francisco Police Arrest Three Suspects In Extortion Incident

San Francisco Police arrested three suspects last Saturday, September 8, who were involved in an extortion scheme that targeted a Richmond district business over a two-month period. Taken into custody were Peng Chen, 21; Enrun Lin, 18; and Rui Liu, 19, all of San Francisco. They were arrested at a video café on the 3500 block of Geary at about 8:45 P.M.

One of the three suspects, Chen, had confronted the owner of a business on the 4100 block of Geary Boulevard on two occasions about protection money. When the owner remained non-committal, on August 23 all three suspects entered the business, a restaurant/bar. After closing time, they refused to pay their bill and began destroying property, smashing barware, bottles, two televisions and the front window.

Based on investigative work that lead to the assembly of a photo spread, the suspects were arrested. Chen and Lin have been charged with two counts of extortion, two counts of burglary, one count of felony vandalism, and one count of conspiracy. The charges are the same for Liu, excepting the burglary charge.

San Francisco Police are requesting that additional victims of extortion in the Richmond District contact Inspectors Henry Seto or Jameson Pon of the Gang Task Force, 553-1401.

Inspectors Seto and Pon will be available for interviews regarding this case today, September 11. Arrangements for interviews may be made through the Public Affairs Office.

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