09/03/09 09-091

09/03/09 09-091

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September 3, 2009

Subject: San Francisco Police Alert Public To Facebook Scam Victimizing U.S. Military Personnel

San Francisco police are alerting the public to a Facebook scam that victimizes U. S. military personnel. According to the F.B.I., Internet scammers gain access to Facebook and identify grandparent(s) of military personnel. The scammer poses as the grandson who will be returning home from duty and asks the grandparent not to let his parents know since the return is to be a surprise. The soldier then states that he is stranded at a particular location as his friend's car broke down. The scammer then asks for money, up to thousands of dollars, to be wired for repairs to the car.

Law enforcement is advising citizens to be wary if they receive such a call and always to verify the request for money directly with the person on behalf of whom the call is made.

Law enforcement is also cautioning the public against similar scams, either by telephone or through e-mail, in which the scammer gains access to personal information and asks for money for emergency situations to be wired to a named relative or friend. If the money is wired, it in fact is sent to the scammer.

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