08/28/08 08-080

08/28/08 08-080


August 28, 2008


Quality Of Life Violation Results In Two Parole Violation Arrests

A quality-of-life violation resulted in the arrests early this morning of two suspects for parole violation. Taken into custody were Desean Bailey, 21, of Brisbane, and Antony Jones, 20, of San Francisco.

While on patrol at about 2:30 this morning, two officers from Southern Station observed from their vehicle two men on the 1000 block of Market Street at 6th, one of whom, Bailey, was urinating against the front of a building. The officers approached the men on foot, whereupon Bailey quickly ran, discarding a handgun onto the sidewalk as he fled. While one officer chased Bailey on foot, the other detained Jones.

After the call of the running suspect went on the air, another Southern patrol unit driving in the vicinity of 7th and Market saw the suspect running on 7th. One of the officers got out of the patrol vehicle and chased Bailey, quickly apprehending him.

Bailey was on felony probation and was also wanted on a no-bail narcotics warrant. He was wearing a bullet-resistant vest. Jones was on parole for theft. A black mask and gloves were found in Jones' possession.

Bailey was booked for public urination, possession of a firearm, carrying a concealed firearm, a felon in possession of body armor, resisting arrest, and probation violation. Jones was charged with parole violation. Both remain in custody.

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