08/21/09 09-081

08/21/09 09-081

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August 21, 2009


San Francisco Police Arrest Suspect in Robbery Series

San Francisco police have arrested the suspect in a series of knife-wielding street robberies. Taken into custody on August 18 was Sanders Hootsell, 35, no local address. He was charged with multiple counts of robbery.

Hootsell is the suspect in five downtown robberies dating from July 19 on the 200 block of Clara Street. Subsequent robberies occurred on July 21 on the 200 block of Moss Street; July 25 on the 400 block of Clementina Street; July 28 on the 300 block of 5th Street; and August 8 on the 300 block of Clementina. The time of the robberies ranged from 10:00 A.M. to 9:20 P.M. Because all of the robberies occurred on narrow, alley-like streets, investigators had dubbed the suspect the Alley Knife Suspect.

All of the victims were female ranging in age from 25 to 45 years of age. None of the victims were injured.

Based on the description of the suspect provided by the victims, police were able to identify a possible suspect with an extensive criminal history. On August 18 at approximately 2:00 P.M. an officer from Southern in a patrol vehicle saw the suspect on 3rd Street at Harrison. When the suspect saw the patrol car he approached the car and surrendered to the officer.

In three of the robberies, the suspect confronted the victim on the street and brandished a knife. The suspect then stole the victim's purse. In the July 19 Clara Street incident the victim was seated in her parked car. The suspect smashed the window, reached in and grabbed her purse. In the last incident on August 8, also on Clementina, the victim was just getting into her car when the suspect placed a knife against her back and robbed her of her property.

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