08/14/08 08/073

08/14/08 08/073


August 14, 2008


San Francisco Police Arrest Suspect In Robbery Series

San Francisco Police arrested the suspect in a two-month-long robbery series that targeted elderly victims. Taken into custody early yesterday evening was Dwayne Whitaker, 46, of San Francisco. He was arrested by officers from Central Station after the victim and two neighbors detained him in the lobby of an apartment building on the 1000 block of Jones after the suspect attempted another robbery.

Whitaker is the suspect in eight completed robberies, the first of which occurred on July 11, 2008, and ending in the attempted robbery yesterday. In each of the cases, the suspect would trail the victims on foot as they walked home to their apartment building. As the victims entered the lobby, the suspect would slip in behind and confront them. In each case, the suspect brutally assaulted the victim during the course of the robbery, in one case stabbing a victim and in another case striking the victim with a metal pipe.

In the eight completed robbery incidents, there were seven male victims and one female victim, ranging in age from 68 to 86 years old. In yesterday's attempted robbery, the victim was a 55-year-old male. All suffered non-life-threatening injuries, although in one incident a male victim suffered a non-fatal heart attack while being treated for injuries in a hospital. All of the robberies occurred in the lower Nob Hill area in the vicinity of California, Webster, Hyde, Pine, Sutter, Taylor and Mason streets. The times of the robberies occurred from as early as 9:00 A.M. to 11:30 P.M.

The San Francisco Police Department urges anyone who may have been a robbery victim of this suspect and did not report the incident to contact Robbery Sergeant Scott Warnke,


Whitaker remains in custody on robbery, attempted robbery and aggravated assault charges.

For more information, please contact the Public Affairs Office, 553-1651.

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