08/08/08 08-072

08/08/08 08-072


August 8, 2008


San Francisco Police Arrest Suspect In August 7 Carjacking

San Francisco Police arrested Aaron Harris, 39, of San Francisco, the suspect in a carjacking that occurred yesterday, August 7, in a parking lot on the 4900 block of Mission Street at approximately 10:50 P.M. Police took Harris into custody a short while later at Leland Avenue and Sawyer Street. One suspect remains outstanding.

In this incident, two victims, an Asian male, 47, and his wife, 45, both of San Francisco, were sitting in their 2007 Toyota Sienna in the Safeway parking lot waiting for their son to get off work. Harris and another unidentified suspect approached the car. Harris confronted the male victim in the driver's seat, pushing a gun against his chest, and forced him out of the car. The second suspect forced the victim's wife out of the passenger seat. Both suspects then got into the vehicle and drove off.

A male witness noted the license plate number of the car and called 9-1-1. Officers sighted the car at Alemany Boulevard and Ocean Avenue, but eventually lost sight of it. Officers later located the vehicle abandoned at Delta Avenue and Tioga Street. Searching the area, officers confronted the two suspects on Leland Avenue at Hahn Street. A foot chase began when both suspects began running. Harris was arrested at Leland and Sawyer, but the second suspect eluded police.

Harris was booked for carjacking, possession of narcotics, evading a police officer, and resisting arrest. He remains in custody.

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