07/29/05 05-073

07/29/05 05-073


July 29, 2005

Subject:     Phillippines Exchange Training Hosts Phillippine Delegation

The San Francisco Police Department’s Philippines Exchange raining (PET) Program will be hosting a large delegation of Philippine National Police (PNP) Commissioned Officers on Monday, August 1, through Wednesday, August 3. 


The PNP will participate in a three-day seminar and tour of SFPD facilities, including the Police Academy, Police Range and the Hall of Justice.  After a meeting with Chief Heather Fong, the event will conclude with a dinner reception hosted by San Francisco Consul General Maria Mendoza Sanchez at the Philippine Consulate.


The SFPD PET Program was created by a group of Department Filipino-American officers to share and impart law enforcement skills and knowledge, as well as foster camaraderie with their fellow brothers and sisters in blue of the PNP.  The San Francisco Bay Area, home to a large number of Filipinos estimated to be the largest population outside the Philippines, and the Philippines, a bilingual English-speaking nation, share a proud and significant history.  It is through an awareness of this shared history that the PET program was born.


For more information, please contact:

Sergeant Randy Caturay

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