07/28/09 09-069

07/28/09 09-069

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July 28, 2009


San Francisco Police Arrest Suspect in Burglary of Sacramento Street Home Design Studio

San Francisco police arrested the suspect in the burglary of a home design studio that occurred July 27 on the 3400 block of Sacramento Street at approximately 2:40 A.M. Taken into custody shortly after the burglary was a 51-year-old parolee, John Lewis Nelson, of San Mateo.

In this incident, residents in the immediate area heard the sound of glass breaking and called

9-1-1. Police units responded and found broken glass from the street door of the business and from an interior glass door and window. Police found a brick, apparently used to smash the glass, at the scene. Police interviewed the witnesses who had seen the suspect leaving the business with the stolen property.

Police detained an individual matching the witness description of the suspect in a driveway on the 3333 block of California Street. Police have been able to link Nelson to several other commercial burglaries.

Lewis was charged with burglary, possession of stolen property, and parole violation. He remains in custody.

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