07/23/10 San Francisco Police Department Makes Major Arrest in MUNI Sting (10-072)


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July 23, 2010    

San Francisco Police Department Makes Major Arrest in

MUNI Sting (10-072) 


Lee Gutierrez                                      

Edmund King



The San Francisco Police Department in conjunction with the Municipal Transportation Agency

makes major arrest of a M. T. A Mechanic after months of trying combat illegal transfer sales.


M.T.A. loses thousands of dollars each week from the illegal sales of “Late Night” bus

transfers. The M.T.A. asked for the assistance of the Police Department. In March of 2010,

Officers assigned to the Muni Task Force started doing surveillance at 16th street and Mission

Street. Officers made numerous arrests in the area regarding illegal sales of “Late Night”

Transfers. After months of surveillance, on July 15, officers made two arrests. One of the two

suspects was a Muni Mechanic, who had been supplying the transfers.


Officers will continue to stay on the case of illegal “Late Night” transfers because the practice is

on going.





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