07/14/04 04-81

07/14/04 04-81


July 14, 2004

Subject:     Former Burglar Turned Street Robber Caught With Aid of SFPD Horse "AAA Andy"

A burglar arrested on 63 counts of burglary in 2002 was arrested after a street robbery last week in the Park district with the aid of SFPD equine AAA Andy.  Dubbed Spiderman because he would burglarize businesses by entering through skylights, the suspect grabbed a woman’s purse from a table in a 9th Avenue café last Friday, July 9, and ran off.  The companion of the woman whose purse was stolen ran in pursuit, calling 9-1-1 on his cell phone and alerting police as to the suspect’s direction. 

An SFPD officer, Kaan Chin, who was in the area on patrol with his police horse, AAA Andy, heard the police broadcast of the suspect description. The officer saw the suspect near the Big Rec field off  9th Avenue in Golden Gate Park and set off at a gallop.  With the aid of his swift horse, Officer Chin, along with back up Richmond police station units, took Kristian Kwon Marine, 27, of San Francisco, into custody.  Marine is also the suspect in a robbery that occurred the day before, July 8, at 20th Avenue and Ocean, in which the suspect knocked a woman to the ground before running off with her purse.

AAA Andy is the horse who was injured by a pit bull last year.  In that incident, Andy’s rider was thrown and suffered a back injury.

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