06/24/08 08-048

06/24/08 08-048


June 24, 2008


San Francisco Police Continue Vehicle Break-In Enforcement Operations

San Francisco Police continue to conduct vehicle break-in undercover enforcement operations in its commitment to help reduce the number of break-ins. Along with its undercover vehicle break-in enforcement, police will be conducting undercover operations in the sale of stolen property. Video footage of an actual recent break-in is available to the media. The video demonstrates the extreme rapidity with which a break-in can occur.

As a public service, the San Francisco Police Department, in conjunction with San Francisco Safety Awareness for Everyone (SAFE), offers safety tips to help the public to avoid being a victim of a vehicle break-in.

An invitation to theft is a valuable item left inside the vehicle, either in plain view or not. Items such as laptop computers, cameras, cell phones, I-Pods, removable stereo systems, GPS mapping devices, either dash or windshield mounted -- virtually any portable electronic

device -- are attractive to thieves. The rule of thumb is not to leave any personal or valuable items inside a vehicle. All items, including loose clothing and bags containing merchandise or personal items, should be locked inside the trunk before arriving and parking at your destination. Also, do not leave electronic device chargers/cradles on view, since this indicates that the actual device may be somewhere in the vehicle.

Additional safety tips include:

  • Make sure that the vehicle's doors are locked and the windows rolled up.
  • Use an anti-theft devices like a steering column lock or an alarm system.
  • Park in well-lighted areas where there is significant foot traffic. When looking for a public garage, try to park in a garage that is both well-lighted and attended.

Always call the police if you see someone tampering with a vehicle, and report break-ins and thefts to the police by calling 415-553-0123.

For more information, please contact the Public Affairs Office, 553-1651.

850 Bryant Street, Room 549, San Francisco, CA. 94103
Tel (415) 553-1651 / Fax (415) 553-9229
[email protected]