06/08/04 04-64

06/08/04 04-64


June 8, 2004

Subject:     June 8 Arrest Summary During Biotech Convention

The SFPD made 33 arrests today during the biotech convention at MosconeCenter today.  The arrest breakdown is 24 citation arrests at 4th/Howard for 21954(a) CVC, Blocking traffic, and 2800(a) CVC, Failure to disperse.  In addition to these 24 citations, there were five felony and four misdemeanor arrests, as follows:


of Arrest


 670 Howard St


 245(c) PC, Assault with a Deadly Weapon other than a firearm on a police officer
 New Montgomery/Market


 664/212.5 PC, Attempted robbery
 New Montgomery/Market  


 245(a) PC, Assault with a deadly weapon/243(b) PC, Misdemeanor battery
 New Montgomery/Market 


 243(b) PC, Battery on a police officer;         
 New Montgomery/Market         


 594 PC, Malicious mischief


 21954(a) CVC, obstructing traffic; 2800(a)CVC, refusal to disperse; 148 PC, Resisting arrest, misdemeanor

The SFPD began making additional arrests about as protestors converged at 5th and Market streets and refused orders to disperse.  These arrest figures will be announced later tonight as they become available.  There will be a media briefing at OES,

1011 Turk Street
, tomorrow, June 9, at