05/20/04 04-46

05/20/04 04-46


May 20, 2004

Subject:     Fatal Shooting In Lakeview District

A man was shot to death when he went to investigate an apparent theft of his car from a driveway early this morning, May 20.  At about 1:30 A.M., a man and a woman at the 200 block of Thrift Street in the Lakeview area heard noise coming from the driveway where the man’s Buick was parked.  The man looked out the window and saw somebody apparently attempting to steal his car. He went downstairs, and the woman remained upstairs.  Moments later she heard gunshots.  She went outside to find the man, fatally wounded, slumped in the entryway of the house and saw the Buick heading eastbound on Thrift Street with a van closely following it.

The woman called police, describing what had happened and giving a description of the car and van. Police immediately broadcast the information.  A short time later, a Bayview police district unit on San Bruno Avenue saw a van pushing a car matching the description of the vehicle taken and pulled both vehicles over.  Police detained a man and a woman, whom police are regarding as persons of interest.

There have been no arrests as yet in this case.  Police are not as yet releasing the name of the victim, a male in his 20s.  Police have so far determined that the shooting was not random, as there appears to have been an association among all the parties.

Any one with information about this incident is urged to contact the Confidential Tip Line at 575-4444.

This is all the information available at this time.  Police will provide the media with updates as more information becomes available.