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May 17, 2010    

San Francisco Police Department Arrest Violent Robbery Suspect,

Undercover Operations on Buses Proving Successful



San Francisco police arrested a violent robbery suspect. Taken into custody was a 17-year old male from San Francisco.


The incident reflects the value of undercover operations on and around MUNI transit lines. The police department will continue with this strategy and type of operation to keep passengers safe.


The incident occurred on Wednesday, May 12, in the area of Van Ness and O’Farrell St’s. The SFPD had received information regarding prior criminal activity in this area. Several police officers from our MUNI Task Force Team were deployed to this area and were conducting plain clothes surveillance when they observed the suspect plotting with two other people to rob the victim who was standing across the street at a bus stop with his sister.


The suspect ran up to the 16-year old victim, demanded his property and shoved the victim to the ground. The suspect stole a cell phone from the victim and kicked the victim while he was lying on the ground.


The police officers moved in on the suspect as the crime occurred and once the suspect saw the police officers approaching, he ran from the crime scene and attempted to flee from the area. The officers chased the suspect on foot to a nearby parking garage where the suspect was taken into custody. The stolen cell phone was recovered in the immediate area from where the suspect was arrested. The suspect was booked in to the Juvenile Justice Center for robbery and resisting arrest.


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