05/16/05 05-048

05/16/05 05-048


May 16, 2005

Subject:     San Francisco Police Officers Make Quick Arrest In Homicide

Officers from Tenderloin Police Station acted quickly to make the arrest of two men and two women who allegedly were involved the shooting death of a man on the 100 block of Taylor Street on Saturday, May 14, at about 11:45 P.M.

In that incident, officers responded to a location in front of 145 Taylor Street on a call of a shooting and discovered a man lying on the sidewalk.  The victim’s breathing was irregular, and one of the responding officers attempted CPR.  Additional arriving officers immediately began to question witnesses.  Responding paramedics declared the victim dead at the scene.

At the time of the broadcast of the shooting, two officers from Tenderloin Police Station, Theresa San Giacomo and Chris Muselman, were on patrol in their police vehicle and noticed two men, one of whom was wearing a red hat, running on Turk Street near the scene of the shooting. The officers followed them, but lost sight of them at the intersection.  The officers believed that the two men might be hiding in a parked car and proceeded slowly along the street.  Soon, the officers saw a white Toyota Camry pull out of a parking space.  The front seat passenger was wearing a red hat (this suspect turned out to be one of the two females involved). The officers also noticed someone in the rear seat trying to duck down.

Police detained the suspects, and in their search of the vehicle revealed three handguns, one under the driver’s seat and two under the passenger seat.  Police arrested the four suspects on suspicion of robbery and homicide.

While officers were at the scene of the shooting, two men approached the officers saying that they had been robbed by four persons just prior to the shooting incident.  These victims identified the suspects positively.

The victim has been identified as Carlos Garvin, 30, of San Francisco. Taken into custody were Douglas Tate, aka Greshinal Green, 34; Anissa Jordan, 36; Mcdonald Grady, 47; and Lenora Robinson, 28, all of Oakland.

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